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How Do Snake Chains Work?

How Do Snake Chains Work
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Wondering how snake chains are made? Or not positive if you can wear snake chains with pendants? What makes snake chains so strong? And from a structure point of view, how do snake chains work?

My name is James Adams. I am a fashion designer and a correspondent member of the Snakes Store team. Apart from styling, I practice the elegant craft of jewelry making in my free time. Today, we are going to talk about snake chains and how they work. I have also included additional information on their history, construction details and styling tips.

Snake chains are made from slated and small metal plates linked tightly together, hence the zigzag appearance. This construction is the reason behind the flexible movability of the snake chain when worn against the skin. The unique linking also contributes to their sturdy construction and a texture that goes with any style.

In this article, we are going to discuss these topics

  • A comprehensive introduction to snake chains, and a bit of their history
  • How snake chains work based on their construction
  • Styling tips for wearing these chains with or without pendants

Are snake chains one of your favorite jewelry accessories? Then, you are in luck! You can learn all about these forever elegant accessories here.

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1- An Introduction to Snake Chains

Snake chains consist of tightly joined links that look like the scales of a snake. First, let’s discuss the origins of this jewelry chain and the variations of these elegant statement pieces.

a) Why Are They Called Snake Chains?

There is not a better name for this beautiful bijou “Snake Chain” is the perfect description for its shape and similarity to a snake while in motion.

The chain is constructed in a way that shines even more when your skin moves, just like the natural shimmer of a serpent’s body.

b) The History of the Snake Chains

Classic snake chains have been around since the 1850s, and sometimes go by the name of Brazilian Chains. They were initially hand made during the Victorian era, and another one of a la moda snake jewelry of the time.

The amount of fine details and long hours of work needed to put the chain’s smooth and round plates together led to the high costs of these popular Victorian jewelries. Then, snake chains were considered a high-end product and could only be afforded by the noble class of the society.

After the industrial revolution, this task was given to the machines with much higher precision and faster processes. These industrial changes also affected the prices of jewelry, dropping the prices to an economical range and also accessible to the common class of society.

c) Types of Snake Chains

Any chain is made from small fragments, but what makes them different is the type of conjunction or links used to tether these fragments together.

Based on the links, snake chains are narrowed into two categories classic snake chains and real snake chains

Classic snake chains are usually flat with small and tightly connected plates. These are the same chains that were common during the Victorian era.

Real snake chains are slightly different in their links from the classical edition. They are more round than broad. However, they sit equally flat and chic against the skin. The advantage of this category is that they never snag at your hair, even if it’s the tiniest peach fuzz.

d) Metal of Choice

Snake chains are stylish, timeless and strong all the characteristics needed for jewelry wardrobe staple. They are often available in the form of sterling silver snake chains, gold snake chains, and steel chains.

You can find faux snake chains in the market, but if you have any metal allergy, we recommend you steer clear of those.

2- How Snake Chains Work

To understand how snake chains work, we should study their unique constructions first. Below you can find out about the structural design, flexibility, and other aspects such as what to do if your chain is broken.

a) How Snake Chains Are Made?

While most other varieties are made from wire hoops, the snake chains are structured from linking small and sheet-like splinters. This is the main reason for the sleek and flat appearance of these artfully linked tubular cords.

At first, the thin metal sheet material is cut into small plates. Then, these identical plates are joined by tilted links that almost look like a tightly woven structure.

This linking arrangement makes them one of the strongest and most flexible types of chains. However, if you press them hard enough or pull them over their flexibility threshold, they lose the initial glamour for good.

b) What Makes Snake Chains so Flexible?

How are these chains smoothly flexible and other chains kind of rigid? The secret lies in the conjunction points. They are united together closely from the top, while the inside structure allows the interlinked sheets to play around. This is the reason that they look like a slithering snake around your wrist or neck.

c) Fixing a Snake Chain

When compared to other crosspieces, snake chains are quite strong and perfect for wearing them all day long. The girth of the chain has a direct relation with its sturdiness smaller chains may be prone to the snapping of its delicate links or breaking open.

If your chain is damaged, you can’t fix it yourself unless you are a fully equipped jewelry maker with a workshop handy. The complex structure of these jewelry accessories calls for a jewelry expert to fix them up. Make sure to choose a trusted jewelry service for the best result, especially if they are made of gold or silver.

Snake chains are remarkable ornamental pieces with a unique linking structure, with minimal trouble when it comes to strength and hair pulling issues. If you are worried about getting your hair stuck in them, you can find more information in this article on the question Do snake chains pull hair?

3- Styling with a Snake Chain

When it comes to jewelry, aesthetics come first. Now that you have learned the techniques behind the gorgeous appearance, you should also hear about the styling tips to make them work in your personal fashion.

a) How to Wear Snake Chains

Snake chains are a perfect accessory to add some texture to your overall look with an eye-catching shimmer and three dimensional features. They can be matched with casual looks with t-shirts and summer shorts, or formal dress codes and assertive outfits like suits, and evening dresses.

Depending on your style, you can wear them in layers to add playfulness to a cocktail dress, or wear them with an elegant pendant to accentuate your chest in décolleté.

And as the universal fashion rule, keep color combinations in mind when styling with your snake chains gold with black, green and warmer colors, and silver for cool tones like gray, silver, etc.

b) Are Snake Chains for Men or Women?

Snake chains are a unisex jewelry accessories that match both masculine and feminine style aesthetics. Women usually use thinner chains for their delicate look, while men go for the thicker models. In any case, these statement pieces are staple in the jewelry wardrobe of style conscious men and women.

These are one of the most versatile jewelry accessories and you can wear these beautiful chains without worrying about any style limits or gender boundaries.

c) Pendants, Charms & Snake Chains

A snake chain with a pendant? The combination is just glamorous. The no-frill look of the chain makes it suitable to match with an assortment of pendants and charms. Also, the strong construction of these chains makes a perfect choice of link when wearing heavy and oversized pendants.

If the chain is too thick, let it be the star of your style without a pendant, or wear with more delicate chains for a layering touch.

The smooth and stylish appearance of these chains makes them perfect for blending into a variety of styles and diverse looks. A fan of pendants but not sure what to choose? The Snake Necklace Collection is put together by jewelry designers, pairing a pendant with the right chain to create the most fashionable looks.

4- A Snake Chain for Every Outfit

After reading this article, I can boldly say you have picked up all the general info about snake chains everything from the introduction of these unique jewelry editions in fashion history to jewelry-expert-grade details on how snake chains are made, and what makes them so delightfully flexible and strong.

Besides jewelry technicalities, you also know how to rock any style with snake chains. Whenever you need a long-lasting gift that is perfect for men and women, or any styling inclination, you have the right idea.

Check out the assortment of designs, length, thickness and choice of precious metals at the Snake Chain Collection, where craft excellence meets with stylish variety.

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