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Do Snake Chains Pull hair ?

do snake chains pulls hair
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So you want to know how to keep your necklace from tugging at your hair? Why do some chains pull the hair? What is the difference between classic snake chains and real snake chains? And more importantly, do snake chains pull hair?

My name is Olivia Johnson. I am a fashion designer and correspondent writer for the Snakes Store team. I believe no outfit is complete without the final touch of jewelry and for me, snake chains are a great choice. They are elegant and versatile pieces and match almost any style. But does the beauty of these chains come with a price? In this article, we will find out about the snake chain and whether or not it is going to pull your hair.

The classic snake chains are unlikely to get knotted and pull the hair, however, very thin hair can get stuck in the ultra-fine joint and result in a hair-pulling sensation. Instead, the real snake chains are a modern substitute for the classic snake chain, which is arranged to prevent hair pulling altogether.

This article will discuss the following concepts;

  • An overview of chains as occasion-worthy jewelry or day-to-day accessory
  • Factors to look for when buying a chain
  • Discussing the construction of snake chains and hair-pulling characteristics of both modern and classic snake chains

Here, you can gather some useful information on snake chains and why they pull hair

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1- Necklace Chains As a Timeless Accessory

Chains are a dazzling accessory to adorn your neck or wrist. Read below to find out why they are popular in modern fashion and also learn about important features to watch out for when buying one.

  1. a) Chains Are the Perfect Jewelry Accessory

Whether you try to look your best at any given moment and wear your jewelry all day long, or just adorn yourself for special occasions, neck and wrist chains are must-have pieces in any jewelry wardrobe. Their simplicity makes them match any kind of style- whether worn individually or combined in a layered look.

Moreover, chains are comfortable compared to other jewelry fragments. And if worn long enough, you can almost forget that you have them on.

  1. b) Downside of most chain

Now, let’s talk about the downside of chains.

There are several variations of chains in the jewelry realm that are categorized based on their construction, or more accurately, the method of linking its smaller fragments; curbs, ropes, mariners, Figaro, and snake chains- only to name a few.

Different types of chains have their unique look. After choosing your favorite style, there are two factors to keep in mind before buying your new jewelry.

The first element is durability; this technically depends on the type of links and the overall thickness. For instance, the most delicate chains are the Rolos, made from thin oval hoops that are interlinked and distant from each other.

Now with tight-fitting links such as those in a harbinger or snake chain, tearing apart is highly unlikely.

Most chains do not pull off the hair, but some link formations are more prone to tangle in the hair or pinch them. If you consider losing your chain a painful incident, this one is going to hurt much more. They either pull your long hair flowing down your neck or fine hair on your skin that can be achingly tucked out.


  1. c) How chains can pull your hair?

Conjunction points in some chains are responsible for hair pulling. It can happen around the clasp or directly between the links. Another reason the chain may cause hair pull is knotting.

Extra fine chains tangle on their own, especially if you are an active type of person like a dancer. Also, a chain could create a knot with other chains when worn in layers. While doing so, they can easily grab a bunch of hair with them that you might have to cut off to free yourself from.


Chains are one of the most popular fashion accessories, and if you want to make sure of your comfort and long-lasting addition to your wardrobe, you may want chain types that are strong in linkage and do not snag at hair like the Black Snake Chain with a modern linkage.

snake double chain

2- Do Snake Chains Pull on Hairs

So the snake chain’s beauty has caught your eye. And now, you want to know if it pulls your hair? Find out about the snake chains and their anatomy and above all, if they would make you wince at the hair-tucking pain or not.

2.a) Snake Chain Links

As we established already, the conjunction points in the chain links are the main factor responsible for hair snagging. So to understand whether a chain is going to tuck at your hair, you should pay attention to its structure.

Unlike other kinds of chain formations that use wire, snake chains are made from small sheets instead. This is the reason they display a sleek surface that resembles the scales of a snake.

The tubular cords are very thin and linked to each other in a slanted position. This construction gives the particular zigzag effect and, hence, the unified appearance of the snake chain.

2.b) Snake Chains and Hair Snagging

These elegant chains are undoubtedly one of the most exquisite designs in the world of jewelry. They sit flat on the skin and resonate with your body movements, isn’t that glamorous?

Now let’s get straight to the point. Do snake chains pull hair? If you are getting a real snake chain, then the answer is no. But for the classic snake chains, it depends.

Snake chains do not get tangled. So there is no way to get your hair bundled up in a knot with these chains. So you can rest assured, no need to have a pair of scissors handy!

Classic snake chains are very smooth on the surface and it is unlikely to get your hair pulled in them. However, the fine gaps between the linking points may occasionally pinch the fine skin hair. This is more common in men than women since the thicker hair is unlikely to enter between these conjunctions.

2.c) Classic Snake Chains vs. Modern Snake Chains

To avoid hair pulling altogether, choose from modern varieties of snake chains. Hair snagging can only happen with classic snake chains, that too for ultra-thin hair. The modern editions, which are called the Real Snake Chains, have taken care of this issue. They are technically identical in shape but slightly toned down at the joint to prevent any hair-pulling.

Modern snake chains are a revolution in this ever-unique chain design, which makes them essentially hair-pull-proof. 

our set of snake chains

3- Simple Chains to Pendant Accents

You have learned why chains are a popular accessory for any occasion. After reading this article, you know exactly what to look for when shopping for a new chain. Maybe you want to buy a snake chain for yourself or gift it to a loved one. In any case, you are now an expert in choosing a chain that is going to last and does not pull hair.

And if, like myself, you are a fan of snake chains; you have become familiar with the two main types of snake chains; a knowledge that guarantees a hundred percent pain-free experience.


Chains are beautiful whether worn alone, stacked, or with an elegant charm. Check the entire Snake Chains Collection and discover versatile chain styles and a variety of bold designs to accent your neckline with an irresistibly beautiful serpentine silhouette.


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