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Snake Dreams In Islam

snake dreams in islam
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Are you looking for the symbolic meaning of snakes in a dream? Are serpentine dreams considered prophetic visions in Islamic scriptures? Why should you pay attention when snakes appear in a dream? Are snakes a good omen according to Islamic scholars? What do snake dreams mean in Islam?

I am Pourandokht Mazaheri, a researcher of cultural symbolism and scientific iconography of snakes. I am also a correspondent writer for Snake store Team, specializing in serpent oriented researchers. Interpreting snakes’ symbolism has been a part of my life since my childhood, which developed into years of academic back studies- from herpetology to dream interpretation in different cultures. Today, I want to share with you the exact interpretation of snake dreams according to Islam- which are considered as significant vision that may not be ignored.

In Islam, a snake dream symbolises envy, treachery, defrauding properties, dishonesty and enmity in the dreamers’ life. Depending on the highlights of color, shape of the serpent, circumstance and intensity and emotional clues in a dream, each dream is deciphered differently by ancient Islamic scholars.

This article walks you through the following contexts in detail:

  • General symbolism of snakes in Islam, and for a man and woman dreamer
  • Interpretation of snake dream details such as colors, aggressivity, species, numbers, etc
  • Types of interaction of the dreamer with a snake


Here is a short but comprehensive snake dream interpretation of revered Islamic scholars that helps to read between the lines of your dream.

A dream happens involuntarily in mind during certain sleep stages and is usually preceded by a succession of images, ideas, and emotions. Dreams have an essential meaning. Different cultures and individuals have their own beliefs and interpretations of dreams and believe that a dream has a significant connection to reality and uses it to foretell the future. Dreams are valuable and fun to analyze and interpret as they teach you important things about your life.

This guide will help to understand the meaning of a snake dream and its interpretation according to the Islamic religion's oneiromancy. It's based on Imam Ibn Sirin work, a Muslim mystic and interpreter in the 8th century recognized in his time for his piety and commentaries in Hadith and the prophet.

We will look at the following based on Islamic culture and beliefs.

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1- The meaning of snake dreams in Islam

Dreaming of snakes in Islam is generally a symbol of anxiety to mean one is afraid of something in their waking life that needs their immediate attention. Consequently, snake dreams can be linked to three great symbols in Islam:

  • Vital energy
  • Treachery
  • Enemy

A snake in a dream can represent jealousy, envy, betrayal, fraud, deception, lust, evil, or any unspoken hostility towards someone on one side. It can also mean healing and transformation through spiritual growth, and a person who dreams of it will always be healthy.

For example, dreaming about phallic objects or animals can be linked to a repressed sexual drive, libido, carnal desire, or unbridled sexuality. Famous Psychoanalysis's Carl Jung and Freud recurrently use erotic phallic symbols in their theories.

According to Ibn Sirin, dreaming of a snake can mean different things to different people depending on what they are experiencing at the time of the dream. A snake dream interpretation, however, depends on where you see the reptile in your dream. It also varies depending on a person's fear or affinity with the reptile. A snake lover dream will have a different meaning from that of a person who afraid of snakes in their waking life.


2- Dreaming of a serpent for an Islam man

Dreaming of snakes for a man is a sign of toxic friends or coworkers planning to harm or negatively influence him.

A snake bite symbolizes defeat to an opponent, while killing a snake, on the other hand, symbolizes victory. When someone close to the man is bitten, it symbolizes a painful future separation. Dreaming of snakes for a man whose wife is pregnant means the wife will give birth to a girl if, in the vision, she ate a snake-shaped cucumber. A snake in a wife's breast means a possibility of adultery.

3- Dreaming of a serpent for an Islam woman

A Muslim woman who dreams of snakes and is afraid of them has a fear of sexuality or men. A snake bite in her dream means she's under a spell of a man around her, and if the snake is black, she won't succumb to her passion for this man. A snake inside her breast means a disease will strike soon. A hard and straight snake signifies sexual frustration related to lack of orgasms while discovering a snake by chance or carrying it around means a new sexual fulfillment. Having a snake on you without being afraid of it reveals a lousy relationship and desire for a harmonious one.

For a dreamer, seeing a snake coming out of a hole in the ground is a premonitory dream and represents a future son, while seeing a snake-shaped cucumber in a dream means that she will be pregnant.


4- Dreaming of a colored serpent

In snake dream interpretation, color psychology plays an essential role. The meaning varies according to the color of the snake. When a color expresses itself in a dream through your subconscious or unconscious, it reveals a special feeling.

  • Black serpent

Black snakes have an essential meaning in Islam. They represent army generals, and therefore such a dream symbolizes a powerful enemy. Possessing it means the person will become a leader and accumulate a lot of power. The color black in dreams may also mean that you do not act according to your logic but emotions. Added to snakes' phallic representations, small black snakes in a dream signifies a temptation to maintain a rationally inadequate relationship. Black snakes can also be synonymous with danger for your love relationship due to fear of commitment due to unforgettable past bad experiences.

  • Red snake

Red is a color of the extremes. Dreaming of a red snake in Islam is a sign of a dangerous situation of passion like unsatisfied sexual urges that may lead to intense frustration and the risk of succumbing to inappropriate temptation.

  • White snake

Owning one means acquiring fortunes and is a symbol of developed spirituality. White snakes in a dream in Islam are signs you have managed to abstain from unhealthy temptation and get rid of the urge to do bad things. This meaning is reinforced if you dream of killing the snake.

  • Green snake

The green snake is a symbol of change, lack, and maturity. Seen in a dream, it symbolizes energy or innate and primitive sexual desires. Small green snakes in dreams are a sign of anxiety, and killing them symbolizes getting rid of the anxieties you had.

  • Yellow snake

According to the holy Quran, it signals an improvement in the dreamer's financial situation due to recent life changes.

  • Brown/beige snake

It represents a male penis that symbolizes passion and a solid marital relationship destined to last over time.

  • Blue snake

It's a symbol of affection and delicacy towards a partner. It signifies the dreamer's trust in their partner, his wisdom, and his unfailing faith in religion.

  • Golden snake

Dreaming or having a dream-like vision of a golden snake means you will discover a hidden treasurer material or spiritual.

  • Orange snake

Orange means balance. Dreaming of an orange snake means you need balance in your waking life, or someone or something is trying to disturb your balance.

  • Grey snake

It's a sign that you should pay attention and change things as there is someone around you who is harmful, and you don't even realize it.

  • Pink snake

It's symbolic of shallow levels in an individual. Seeing a pink snake in a dream, according to Islam, means that the dreamer has experienced deficient energy levels.

  • Transparent snake

Such a dream means you will reach a turning point in your spiritual level. Some of the things you were thinking are gradually fading from your mind to give way for better and beneficial things. 

5- Dreaming of a multicolored snake

Seeing a multicolored snake in a dream may imply the following:

  • Red and white snake

The dilemma when faced with a sentimental choice.

  • Black and yellow

Please pay attention to the behavior of your partner as it could be hypocritical or malicious towards you.

  • Orange and black

An important person to you who disturbs your balance may be inadvertently.

  • Black and green

You may not be with the right person.

  • Red and black

Partner acting maliciously with you physically or morally.

  • Green and yellow

Creative passion, love, love of loved ones in respect to the Islamic religion.

  • Orange and white

Internal balance is modified uniquely because your spirituality has evolved.

6- A serpent attack in a dream can have several interpretations

  • Snake attack

Being attacked means one of your enemies will attempt something malicious against you. If the snake is black, the enemy is powerful. If its snakes are attacking each other, many people are planning to harm you, but they disagree; hence their efforts are futile. However, identifying this person is essential so that they don't get to you. A dream of a serpent wrapped around you is a premonitory vision that you will be placed in a position where you are powerless. If the snake bites and swallows you afterward, you will reach a position of power.

  • Snakebite

Being bitten by a snake is a prediction of problems in the future. Feeling pain in the bite's vision means that an enemy will hurt you as much as it hurt in the vision. The feeling of fear and despair means that people close to you will hurt and stab you in the back. If the reptile bite doesn't hurt, on the contrary, it means that you will stand up for yourself. If the snake bites someone else, one of your friends will be hurt and criticized, maybe by you.

7- Dreaming of a dead serpent

A dead snake in a dream represents dark and unconscious energy. Something about yourself or life that you are completely disconnected from, rejected, unacknowledged or undeveloped hence missing a valuable potential or emotional quality within yourself. Dreaming of many dead snakes would therefore mean many lacks.

8- Dreaming of a serpent in water

Dreaming of a serpent in water have multiple interpretations about the dreamer according to Islam. It implies that their feelings and emotions influence their life and don't know it or care. It also symbolizes a threat in life or fear and potential for emotional healing. In addition to that it represents money, great fortune, and spiritual knowledge. It is also a sign from Allah to help understand a mistake and correct it if unjust. Consequently, it can be a divine verdict if one does not make amends.

9- Dreaming of a snake with an animal

  • Snake and spider

A spider in a dream signifies a malicious woman guilty of adultery or a weak, treacherous, and distant man. The two indicate malicious people around you. If they fight, then their venom will come out in the open.

  • Snake and cat

A cat symbolizes independence and autonomy, while the snake represents deception, betrayal, and slander. The two in a dream show that someone's deception could threaten your independence and autonomy. If they fight, you have two inner emotions competing with each other.

  • Snake and dog

A dog symbolizes loyalty. If the snake attacks the dog, it means you've lost trust in someone close to you or a friendship being in danger, or having current personal problems with a friend or a loved one.

  • Snake and crocodile

A crocodile is a knowledgeable person guiding people from the darkness to the prophetic light. The snake is evil, always tempting and lurking in the dark.

  • Snake and rat

A dream where a snake turns into a rat signifies or enemies pretending to be friends will not harm you. They will be reduced to rats. Its interpreted as disarming your enemies or eradicating a problem.

  • Snake and lion

These are your hidden fears and worries in the form of snakes that may drive you into self-destruction in the form of a lion that you must overcome for your wellbeing.

10- Dreaming of killing a serpent

Killing a white snake means dominating your enemies while killing a black snake and staining your hands with blood means defeating a powerful enemy forever. The killing of a green snake means someone close to you getting married. Snakes being killed in a dream means war and whoever kills them gets the victory.

11- Dreaming of a snake in particular

a) Snake species

A snake dream interpretation varies depending on the type of ophidian in the dream.

  • Desert snakesrepresent highway robbers.
  • Vipers dreamsignify deceptions and disappointments.
  • Snake with a doorbellimplies betrayal from a trusted person. If you hear the rattle sound before the snake, you will see the betrayal coming. If it bites, it predicts an argument.
  • Pythonrepresents a powerful enemy.
  • Anacondaor boa signifies that bad things will come in the future. Killing it signifies a powerful character and ability to overcome difficulties hence, it's a positive dream.
  • A Cobra dreamsignifies a lustful woman will tempt you. Beware not to fall into lust.

b) Giant and small snake

If the snake is evil, the bigger it is, the greater the danger.

  • Giant snakesindicate intense love for a person. If you are not afraid, then you will find the energy to accomplish what you want.
  • A small snake is happiness intended for you that can affect your work, romance, or whole life. A small harmless snake represents a child. If it's hiding in your clothes, it can be a sign of illness.

c) Harmless serpent

Controlling snakes means you have a lot of self-confidence. Your ability to turn your flaws into advantages will help you overcome many different challenges.

d) Snake with an unusual head

  • Dreaming of two-headed snake in Islam

It's rare to find a two-headed snake, and seeing it in your dreams means you are torn between two choices and shouldn't delay in making a decision.

  • Dreaming of three-headed snake in Islam

Unexpected changes about to happen in your life.

  • Dreaming of headless snake Islam

It's a warning in a dangerous situation around you that you refuse to recognize. This dream serves as a warning.

  • Dreaming of snake eyes in Islam

It means you are about to uncover a secret hidden from you.



e) Snakes egg

Eggs are a source of permanent nighttime stress. This dream shows you have fear and a problem that won't go away.

f) Special snake

  • Burning snakemeans that you should trust your intuition and understand your opponent before you attack, as a snake is a devil and can't be killed by fire.
  • Snake speaking. If it's speaking nicely, you will take advantage of your enemy's weakness. If it's speaking harshly, you are suffering from oppression and tyranny caused by that enemy.
  • A Flying snake in a dreamsignifies problems in your life that are not easy to deal with and understand.
  • Molting serpentreveals a cycle of renewal of enemies that affect you.
  • A serpent with feet and handssignifies a powerful enemy with plentiful resources.
  • A Sleeping serpentsymbolizes a sleeping enemy.
  • Snake with a whistleserves as a warning of someone close who hides his hostility towards you.
  • Coiled snakesimplies lack of order on sexual and energetic levels in life and the need to suppress specific desires and emotions. 

12- Dreaming of eating a snake

Eating serpent cooked meat indicates taking money from an enemy or having the enemy give it to you. If you are eating the meat raw or live snake sit means the enemy will be absent when it happens. It generally indicates taking advantage of an enemy and defeating him forever.

13- Dreaming of a snake at a particular time in life

  • During Ramadhan. You've broken fast, and evil and temptations have managed to lure you into their nets.
  • During pregnancyindicates the possibility of a conflict between the conscious self, preoccupied with conforming to social norms or cultural or family traditions, and your more instinctive mind or inner drive, driven by your rhythms and passions.

14- Dreaming of a serpent at home

  • In the house. A frequent dream of a snake in your home means that someone in your home will become an enemy and threaten you, your family, your money, or your safety. If it leaves your home, it means demolition or destruction. Eating at your table signifies separation between friends.
  • Dreaming of a snake in bedmeans you are about to have a sexual relationship with the wrong person. A cobra in bed signals the need to re-invest your sexuality with your partner not to become monotonous in real life.

15- Interacting with a snake in a dream in Islam

a) Holding a snake in a dream in Islam

Signifies the ability to overcome troubles by treating them with calm, indifference, and willpower and use the same strategy to topple your enemies.

b) Dreaming of being afraid or running from a snake Islam

You are being afraid or fleeing from a snake. Fearing a snake without seeing it means you are afraid of something that will never happen. If you see the snake, something you are afraid of will happen.

c) Vomiting a snake in a dream in Islam

A positive omen contrary to what people think which signify moving away from evil, devil, or death.

d) Fighting a snake in a dream in Islam

Means fighting your enemy, and defeating the snake means winning over the enemy. If you control or kill it, then you can overcome a threat coming your way.

e) Dreaming of walking on snakes Islam

Walking on snakes is a sign of living in fear of disease and biting you means you will succumb to evil influences and enemies.

f) Dreaming of kissing a snake Islam

Kissing a snake represents the forbidden and condemnable sexual temptations with a mistress or prostitute valid for both men and women.

g) Dreaming of being chased by a snake Islam

That implies trying to run away from a disturbing situation in your life that's causing you stress or being watched by an evil person.

h) Dreaming of Having a Snake Islam

Possessing a snake with no fear of it indicates the ability to possess great power and authority. The larger the snake, the greater the land and properties.

i) Dreaming of a snake coming out of the body Islam

A snake coming out of an opening in the body means the dreamer will commit a sin and abandon his faith, or his children will desert him.

j) Dreaming of snake fleeing Islam

Serpent fleeing means an evil person will move away from your life completely.

16- Further interaction with a snake in a dream has a significant meaning in Islam

  • Finding a snake in a dreamsignifies removing an evil person from your compound.
  • Hunting a snake in a dreammeans deceiving or tricking your enemies.
  • Seeing a snakeskinor seeing a person wearing a snakeskin in a dream symbolizes their hostility being revealed.
  • Snakeskin around the neck, on the other hand, means that one is not paying their Muslim religious duties or zakat, or they are having trouble communicating with people.
  • If you dream that you are carrying a bag full of snakes, it signifies that you have something special that makes others hate you. One man told Ibn Sirin his dream to help with interpretation. "I dreamt of a snake. I was carrying a bag full of snakes and scorpions." The Imam interpreted the dream by saying that he had something that made others hate him. The man replied, "Yes, I was appointed by the sultan to collect taxes from the Arabs. This made them hate me."

17- Becoming a serpent in a dream represents the following

  • They are despicable towards one's religion.
  • The dreamer's problems will emerge victorious if he treats them with indifference without letting them affect him.
  • He is not hiding one's hatred or hostility by seeing his body like a snake.
  • Ability to neutralize enemies power when one is half human half snake.

18- Snake dreams in Islam during prayer

Seeing a crawling snake in prayers means one needs to be on guard as danger could threaten their family if the dreamer has sinned before going to sleep and needs to make up for their sin.

19- Dreaming of many snakes in Islam

Dreaming of many snakes in a dream is an omen. If they are moving towards you, it indicates problems that will enter your life from all environments. If they are moving away, it's a good omen that everything wrong in your life is moving away. Snakes covering your garden indicates a good harvest.

20- Snake dreams and sorcery

Dreaming of serpents in Islam can be a harbinger of occult evil. Black snakes appearing instantly in dreams show the use of black occult to target your loved ones. Prayers will help you not be the target of the black art.

21- Dreaming of Serpent in Islam and Kundalini

The snakes represent the awakening of the Kundalini, the energy that winds from the bottom of the spine to the head's top. This dream suggests that you are simply going through a phase of spiritual growth.

22- Control your dreams

After reading this article, not only have you gained a part of cultural and historic knowledge of Islamic scholars, you are now an avid snake dream interpreter. You can translate any dream which you or your friends and family have seen, based on the dreamer's gender, snakes’s behavior and appearance, as well as the type of interaction with a snake.

The horrific snake dreams may have risen from ophidiophobia when the sight of the meandering reptile terrifies a person. Studies show that incorporation of serpentine elements can assist greatly in subsiding such effects.

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