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Why Is Snake Jewelry So Popular?

why is snake jewelry so popular
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Ever asked yourself, why do people wear serpentine jewelry? What is the history behind snake rings? Since when did snake jewelry become the elite brand icon? What does snake-inspired accessory really mean? And why is snake jewelry so popular?

I am James Adams, a fashion designer and a contributor to the Snakes Store Team. I have a fervent interest in snake motifs for their fluid aesthetics and often I use these sensual motifs in my designs. Apart from their alluring demeanor, snakes in fashion and jewelry offer meaningful symbols that are backed by a rich history. If you have been wondering about the secrets behind snake popularity, I am going to reveal these mysteries to you today.

The popularity of snake jewelry is ingrained in its history worldwide and the comeback of the ancient serpentine symbols in the art nouveau era. For over a century, snakes have been a jewelry icon for a queen, TV personas, models, and fashion brands- adding to the popularity of snake jewelry legacy.

  • This article expands around these subjects;
  • The historic importance of snakes
  • How the serpentine symbolism developed through spiritualism
  • Snake jewelry in modern societies and among the elite fashion brands
  • A glance at the reptilian beauty and aesthetics

Did you know that snakes are the most worshiped animal on a worldwide scale? Let's find out how these stunning reptiles made their way from jungles to revered body jewelry.

snake heritage

1-Snake Jewelry as a cultural heritage

Snakes have been feared by the first humans ever to exist. However, their dangerous demeanor did not stop them from turning into styling icons. Today, all the serpentine jewelry is a relic of past generations. Continue reading to discover how the snakes slithered their way into jewelry trends.

a)Adaptation of Snake Symbolism in the History

Throughout history, humanity has taken a keen interest in snakes as a jewelry motif. Ensuing generations of creative imagination, various mythological accounts protagonize these mysterious reptiles.

The result was intriguing snake symbols with diverse themes, employed to express the duality of good and evil,present eternal love, draw healing energy, and even as an effigy from evil intentions. From the fall of Adam and Eve from the Gardens of Eden to modern-day styling accessories, snake jewelry has been used to make a statement.

b)Snakes and Spiritualism

Whether it was the limbless figure, the hunting peculiarities, or shedding their skins, snakes turned into a sacred animal throughout several cultures despite their dangerous essence. Many temples were dedicated to worshiping snakes across the world. Similar to all things that become sacred, the worship altars made these esoteric reptiles into one of the most powerful symbols in human history.

Another origin of snake jewelry goes beyond the earthly plane and into the world of mythology. Famous snakes like the tail-biting serpent or the Ouroboros were a recurrent theme, retaining its popularity until the present day. This snake represents the eternal cycle of life and the unity of contrasting points of the end and beginning. Want to know more? Check out our article on Snakes in Mythology.

c) The Journey from Snake Worshiping to Jewelry

In ancient Egypt, sacred snake jewelry legitimized the ruler over the Nile bank populations. Ancient Nordic settlements, on the other hand, feared snake gods and adorned their hands to ask for mercy and guidance in the afterlife.

Some cultures considered snakes as a totem or spirit animal that carried an important message. Snakes were revered in living forms, statue presentations, and even wearing themed jewelry to gain their favors. In India, the temple snakes have manifested into snake rings to plead for transformation and healing of the person.

Whether a benevolent deity, or fierce serpentine gods, snake symbolism is greatly embedded in ancient religious structures. Any of the modern emblems of snakes can be traced back to ancient civilizations. An example of well-preserved serpentine jewelry is the Nordic Torques worn by the Viking warriors, such as this on-trend Vintage Serpent bracelet.



snake twist ring

2- The Ever Trendy Snake Jewelry

Although an ancient concept, serpentine metaphors are an enduring jewelry theme in modern societies. The popularity of snake-inspired accessories has taken several turns that assisted its prominence and resistance against the passing of time. Let's breeze through the rootstock of reptilian jewelry trends in contemporary cultures below.

a) Contemporary Snake worshiping

In some societies, snakes are still worshiped; aboriginal tribes of Africa and South America, Buddhists, and Hindus-only to name a few. The artisans in touch with these cultures are influenced by the sacred reptilian spirit. Silver snake rings such as this design are popular among the Hindus, and yoga practitioners worldwide, as an energy healing accessory.

b) Elite Fashion Brands Popularized Snake Jewelry

The craze of snake jewelry was ignited by Queen Victoria during the Art Nouveau era and her demand for more Cleopatra-inspired snake jewelry. Following her famous fashion, snakes fell under the spotlight of artisans and fashion designers. For more creative inspirations, most of these artists turned to ancient and revival designs.

After the Industrial Revolution and innovation of jewelry craft techniques, snakes remained a staple motif in personal accessory themes. In the 1960s, Bulgari introduced its first series of the Serpent collection, just a short while after Cartier’s serpentine and trend-setting bracelet and necklace.

During the 80s, the decade of glam rock fashion, several other elite fashion brands and low-key artisans joined the snake fashion fad. Since then, similar silhouettes have been resurfacing as celebrity favorites, red carpet features, or in the fashion brands’ new collections.

An ever-trendy fashion accessory, snake jewelry has adorned influential personalities such as celebrities and fashion models. Various brands draw their aesthetics from far corners of history, including Bulgari’ Roman-inspired pieces or Gucci's ancient Egyptian styles. Although the Art nouveau styles seem to dominate today’s serpentine accessory, design codes similar to these sensual Victorian Serpent Ring.


snake women

3- Roles of Aesthetics in Snake Jewelry Popularity

Snake&rsquo's appearance has not been irrelevant to their popularity as an ornament. The very aesthetics of these reptilian beauties make them an eye-catching icon for the creation of charming accessories. If you are wondering how the snakes became a popular motif, or curious about the aesthetic aspects, look through the following section.

a) Appreciating Serpentine Beauty

Sinuosity and linear corporal contours stand at the core of the snake Jewelry inspirations; the natural shimmer of the skin, its fluid movement, and overall, the hypnotizing eyes resembling a pair of glittering gemstones.

There is nothing more sensual in the jewelry world than a radiant snake, inland with sparkling diamonds that wrap itself graciously around the finger, wrist, or neckline.

b) Character Expression Through Wardrobe Essentials

Summoning the spirit of snakes as fashionable ornaments shone a light on the rather forgotten meanings of serpentine symbolism in the mass market. While people wore jewelry according to these symbols, more people started using accessories as a way to assert themselves.

In addition to symbolic messages, the serpentine jewelry is in harmony with the founding principles of modern society. We live in an era of freedom of expression and anti-conformism, cherishing independent and rebellious gestures. With the audacity that these magnificent reptiles present, wearing a snake ring or necklace leaves a bold impression- much in the delight of the current urban ideologies.


snake necklace

4- Convey Your Immortality with a Serpentine Impression

From the depth of wild forests to making a bold statement, snake’s natural frame has enticed many artists into recreating its hypnotizing charm by using precious metals. Not only a beautiful design, but it is also a meaningful accessory with an attitude.

By tracing the presence of snakes in human history, you have become familiar with the initial foundation of these reptiles' significance and representation as symbols. Furthermore, you know that snake accessories are not only magnetically beautiful but also have a spiritual dimension that is used as a form of expression. The next time you are out shopping for jewelry, keep your eyes open for snake jewelry that resonates with you.

Add one of these charming pieces at Snake Necklace Collection to your wardrobe- besides sensually accenting your neckline contours, serpentine necklaces were worn by the ancient Greek to claim immortality and healing.

snake collection of necklaces


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