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Is Snake Print still in for 2024

is snake print still in for 2024
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So you want to know if the snake prints are still in style? Or does snake print go well with the pattern-rich fashion of 2024? What are the best ways to wear snakeskin accessories? And most importantly, is snake print in for 2024?

My name is James Adams, and I am a fashion designer and a correspondent writer for the Snake Store Team. I also consider myself an aficionado of snakeskin in fashion designs. Why? Because they are timeless, bold, and suggestive. With the attention of 2023 and 2024 on animal patterns and snakeskin accessories, you may be wondering if this icon is still in! Today, I want to share my insights with you on the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry on snake print in this year’s fashion, along with a few additional styling tips.

As the dominant print in style for 2024, animal prints are back in the spotlight! More evidently, designers are keeping our favorite snake patterns for the rest of the year through 2023. The introduced winter-fall collections across the fashion capitals have asserted that snake print is here to stay.

This article walks you through the following topics:

  • The stance of snake print in 2024 and the fall-winter fashion trends
  • Most fashionable ways to wear snake print accessories and clothes according to 2024 standards
  • A review on snakeskin as a classic wardrobe edition.

If you are a forward-thinking fashionista, you should plan. This guide is going to prepare you for what is coming next in the urban scene and how you should prepare yourself for it.

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1- Outlook of Snakeskin in 2024

So you have passed the season in breezy outfits, and comfy summer trends, and wondering about your fall and winter wardrobe? I should say, your concerns are valid. Let’s go through the basics of trend preparation and discover the hottest animal prints in 2024.

  1. a) Snakeskin, a Key Print in 2024

2024 is a year for animal prints, zebra stripes, panther dots, and even blotchy cow prints. But It is not an overstatement when I say, the year 2024 is mostly ruled by snakeskin prints. If you have not dipped your toes into these waters yet, the rest of the year’s snake print trends are allowing you to do so.

The fashion experts are predicting a strong presence of the snakeskin trend in the fall and winter and throughout the coming decade.

  1. b) What Comes Next; Snake Print in Winter and Fall

Fashion-conscious people are good planners. In essence, keeping up with the most recent trends is not just about shopping and styling. It is also about research and keeping up with the trend-setting factors such as celebrity looks, red carpet appearances, and, above all, fashion house collection introductions.

The fashion houses exhibit their collections at least two to three months ahead of the season, mostly for beforehand preparation.


Despite the worldwide stagnation in the 2020s, fashion remained as unstoppable as ever. Many designers and celebrities welcomed the snake print on the runways, and seem to have grown accustomed to snake prints to the point that they want more of the wild look and bold patterns of snakeskin outfits throughout 2024.

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2- Fashionable Ways to Wear Snake Prints in 2024

Whether you are an avid snakeskin style enthusiast, or just trying to catch the train of snake print fashion, here are the most stylish ways to wear snakeskin print. These tips are based on the most trendy aesthetics in 2024 to make you stand out like a celebrity.

  1. a) Mixing Snake Prints and Other Patterns

Mixing patterns is one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to styling. It takes a careful approach to avoid overwhelming the entire look, yet keeping the bold intensity of snake print at the center of attention.

Although wearing contradictory designs is one of the hot topics in 2024 fashion. The key to a delightful mix and match of patterns is to wear them by color combination, as well as the intensity of the patterns.

When wearing snake print with other patterns, let the snakeskin morphs be the winner of your styling game. For instance, you can style with a pair of sensual snake print pants, combined with a floral top that shows mild patterns and pastel colors. This way you have mixed patterns, while still keeping the emphasis on the snake print.

You could also match a snakeskin dress with a scale-embossed bag or shoes for a pattern-rich look.

  1. b) Snake Print in Office

Party wear and casual outfits are a snake print dominant zone. However, formal looks are getting bold day by day, at least according to fashion aesthetics in 2024. If you like to maintain an authoritative look, while adding a bold hint to your outfit, snake print is a Yes. Combine it with a formal shirt and blazers, wear a formal-cut snake print top with a black skirt and stilettos, and even draw all the attention to your feet by matching an all-sleek outfit with a pair of elegant snakeskin booties.


Snake Print Minimal Touches

A touch is all that it takes for mediocrity to turn into a masterwork. You can perfect your style by adding minimal yet intense accessories with snake prints to your outfit. Snake print snood scarves, tasteful snakeskin hats, bold snake print belts to accentuate your waistline sensually, and even snake-inspired jewelry. All these fragments offer a bold touch that is aligned with snake motifs in 2024 fashion.

  1. c) A Wardrobe Staple that lasts a Lifetime

As I noted previously, snakeskin is holding its ground in the designer trends this year! But since the time that snakeskin found its way into fashionable wardrobes, it has gone out of style.

Professional designers consider these categories of fashion motifs timeless and trendy. That means if you wear them 5 years down the line, or put on a pair of snake shoes you bought a few years ago, they are equally fashionable and get your stylish message across.

In reality, spending on your snake print accessories and clothes will add value to your wardrobe that lasts a lifetime. You can always match them with what is in style then and adjust them to the hottest running trends, but they make you look iconic and elegant despite the occasion and current fashion standards. That being said, there is no time better than 2024 to wear this print when snakeskin is under the fashion spotlight.


If you want to learn about the best ways to style with snakeskin accessories, I have written a complete guide on how to wear snake prints, which has included all that you need to know at a glance.

4- Elegant Winter Wardrobes with Snake Print Booties

After reading this article, you can go ahead and just shop for those sexy snake boots that you wanted for your winter wardrobe, or add a playful touch to your office look with the full collection snake print blazer. Whatever you decide to get, the fashion trend in the fall-winter of 2024 is going to support you.

Moreover, you have learned about the most fashionable ways to rock a snakeskin look based on the 2024 fashion standards. Not only can you be the most stylish person in your group, but you can help your friends and family to overcome snake print styling dilemmas. Now, you know that the budget you consider for your snake print wardrobe is going to last you a long time since this trend is a timeless fashion motif, which you can wear anytime.

Speaking of the most elegant all-winter looks, complete your look with these Snake Booties Collection, offering eye-catching silhouettes, sophisticated designs, and comfortable wear for all-day use.


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